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WD24 xlsDocument
Started by VEGEboss, Jul., 15 2019 6:13 PM - 1 reply
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Posted on July, 15 2019 - 6:13 PM
hello folks

I'm learning the use of Excel files with WinDev and I found 2 problems

One already described in a previous post about the INDEX() function missing
(and I'm still waiting for an help)

The new one is about the subject: a variable of xlsDocument type

If I load an Excel file with xlsOpen() I can succesfully read all the values
in the cells… BUT if I write some new values in cells the formulas involved
by the modified cells are not updated

maybe I'm asking too much, trying to have "online" calculation is the
xlsDocument loaded… BUT if I save the variable ( xlsSave ) and I re-open
the file with Excel… I can see the new values but the formulas are NOT UPDATED

and if I press [F9] (forcing recalculation) NOTHING HAPPENS... only if I go on
the cell containing the formula, press [F2] and [ENTER] I can read the correct
value… :(

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong: someone can help me?
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Posted on July, 15 2019 - 6:41 PM
a little update: I found the


property and I verified that, when I re-open the XLSX file, the formulas
are updated… BUT only if open it with Excel :(

how can I get updated values immediately?