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« Hi! I'm rookie in this field, and I have a small program running on Pocket PC, it fills one HyperFile. I would like to replicate data of this file from the Pocket PC to a desktop P… »
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« hello all, I have a pocket pc with an integrated barcode scanning. How can i detect whenever the scanner is actived so as to read the barcode in my application? thanks, KevMan… »
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« I have written an application in WinDev Mobile 12, and have a question regarding the size of my windows. With a mobile device (for testing) connected to my development PC, I selec… »
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« I am executing the SOAPRun function (), which is connected with webservice that this in PHP with the bookshops of Nusoap, this a executing in modality of tests xml of return works … »
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« I would like to know various considerations for deploying apps developed in WinDev Mobile? By considerations I mean the OSs supported, minimum hardware in a Mobile Instrument, is … »
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« The installer appears to ignore the destination directory I set within it. It appears to take my company name from the 'Application Provider' field and the description of program … »
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« Hi, We're happy to announce that version 01F140030f of WINDEV 14, WEBDEV 14, and WINDEV Mobile 14 is ready for download on our website. You'll find it here: http://www.windev.com… »
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« Could some one please tell me how to use the GPS fuction. Anything in general that you think I should know. Also, could someone please tell me how to compute the degress required t… »
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« Hi, I have a set of tables (e.g. table1 to table5) with data in it (all have 2 columns: Number, Description). Next to this I have other tables with relationships in it, so e.g. Ta… »
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« Hi, I'm beginning Windev mobile development and would like to have iPhone similar controls (like Resco MobileForms guys did) http://www.resco.net/developer/mobileformstoolkit/fea… »
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