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« Why i cannot use a windev component to make an android aplication using windev mobile 17, I can import the component but i cannot use because I get error and say the component cann… »
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« Why I can't use a component used in windev16 in windev mobile 17 in order to make an aplication for android. I get a message error, about the imported component. Thks for help… »
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« Hi Please can someone help. I have a HFSQL client server database on PC with a Windev App. I have created a WM app that uses the same analysis. In Mobile App, I can describe and… »
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« Hi all, I know its early days for us with WM17 but I have an app written for the iphone in which I want to use the iAD service. (or some ad service if iAD is not usable yet). I did… »
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« How do I open an external activity on the click of a Windev16 mobile button ... it must be possible as camera etc are external activities. I have a single activity external system… »
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« This is going to be a manual filter. This project is going to be really fast. Use my last tutorial to set up the connections to the SQlite database. From this point all we have to… »
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« There is an alphabetindexer for android/ios in windev mobile?… »
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« Hi All, i want to know if in WM 16 or 17 is it possibile to add to loopers, something like the alphabetic filter that android have on the contact list (a list with on the right a … »
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« Hello, WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile offer the “NetworkConnect()” function. This function lets you associate a drive with a shared network directory. You simply need to indica… »
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« Any ideas on how to get data from a sqllite database (WinDev Mobile v16 Android Application) to a remote Hyperfile database server? Requirement: The application collects data all … »
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