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« I have a legacy Windows CE system that exchanges data (a data structure) with a legacy system using the UDP protocol. I am trying to do the same using WinDev Mobile. It is a typica… »
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« It says in the doc that ..displayValue is fine on an HTM control in Android but if you try and use it it will succeeed in the simulator and fail on a live android machine saying th… »
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« Hi I have been finding some limitations in the sqlite implementation ... not sure if they're "intentional" but, for example, I can't order by two fields, just one ... Anyone else… »
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« I want to GENERATE a composite key in code as I search through my files in code. I'm not BUILDING the contents of a composite key, that's simple. I want a brand new one, on the fl… »
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« Hi Can anyone help, I have a webservice REST call that works great BUT seems the result is not refreshing after the first call as though it is cached. The value changes fine on th… »
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« Hi Forum, I am developing an application, for Android phone, which is using FTP to transfer/get files on FTP server. By connecting trough Wi-Fi everything is working fine. However … »
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« By following the instructions, found in Windev help system, I am am trying to copy a SQLite database from my PC to my Android phone: 1. I am registering the file to be copied: MYDA… »
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« Hi, can anyone please help I am using a looper control to display a query result that has a conditional (where) clause using one parameter (param1=productcode) When moving from a… »
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« Windev Mobile 16 - Android App .... I create a looper on a query and it works fine in the emulator but when I put it on my phone I get Error in Post-initialization of WIN_SearRes… »
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« Presumably iPhone support is through HTML5. It's a growing market and while like many developers, I don't like the restrictions that Apple enforce,I do want to develop apps for iPh… »
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