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« Hello, WebDev lets you customize the controls' border styles. From the description of a control, in the "Border, Background" tab, you can choose the thickness, the style and the … »
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« I get an error notification every time I try to test a WB11 site, even the examples. Error window says: PC SOFT - WebDev Application Server has encountered a problem and needs to… »
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« How do I setup a more simple and readable URL for a WebDev App? I don't want to see a long WDAWP type path to the WebDev application when a client goes to www.myappsxxx.com. I kno… »
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« Hi, Is sombody working with webdev11US and webdev development? If so, how are you doing with webdev app server? I have webdev11US but it doesn't work with webdev app server 10. … »
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« Hello, WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile provide label management in the SCM. You can name the versions of your application. Instead of being version “103”, it could be, for insta… »
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« Hello, WebDev provides the Hosting Control Center. This module lets you automize the creation of WebDev accounts, the Web IIS server accounts and the rights for the operating sys… »
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« Hello, WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile provides SQL function overlapping. The LEFT, RIGHT, MID, SUBSTRING, etc. functions can accept expressions instead of a string or numeric t… »
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« WebDev provides the "PageInitialisation()" function. This function lets you set all the controls on a page to zero, and it calls an initialization procedure for the controls. The … »
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« Hi, Where is the forum for English WebDev? I want to ask this question: How can I test the WebDev product? Do you offer a trial version? Thanks.… »
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« Hi, I need to display Notes, Web Version(i.e. inotes) on my Web site, Could anyone help as to how to authenticate my web site to access my mail without it prompting the Inotes lo… »
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