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« Hi, Is there a way of capturing which key has been pressed? I need to be able to select records in a table (memory or database) using the up & down keys from the keyboard. I als… »
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« I've installed webdev10 on my computer, then installed xampp-win32-1.6.6a Xampp is working fine with normal php files that i create even with with notpad. The problem is that i'm d… »
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« Hi all, I am using AWP pages and AJAX tables. I have noticed the problem before while debugging the code with info() and error() functions. For example, I put my fill_table() func… »
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« Hi, Is it possible to do a nested PageDisplayDialog meaning that you call a dialog using PageDisplayDialog from another page that in itself has been called with PageDisplayDialog?… »
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« Hi all, I have only a table in a cell in my page. Table is being filled with a query. Table's styles are local, some columns are centered, some are left aligned and some are right… »
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« Hi all, I am developing a multilingual website with AWP. Languages are Turkish&English. I put a combobox showing languages and whenever it changes language parameter of the links … »
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« Hello: It's possible to read the inputs from a device connected to PC client (RS232) and processed it in a webde page? How Can I do it? Thanks… »
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« Hi everyone I use WebDev 11 and I need to run the site on Internet Explorer 7 I load 100 elements into a Treeview, but sometimes the treeview puts a white space between the element… »
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« How to navigate table and select table records usign keyboard keys in WebDev (ajax mode)?… »
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« I had to downgrade to my previous situation after the last update. I was having several serious connection problems. Regards.… »
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