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« Hi all, For your information ... If you migrate a window from WinDev55 to WinDev75 with a HReadFirstLock() statement in the code, it becomes in WinDev75 a HReadSeekFirst(... ,hLock… »
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« Hi Using a Combo Box to filter the records displayed in a table (Display Only) The initial table view is All records therefore I need to add an additional item to the list " " I ha… »
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« Hi, Is it possible to set a filter with a 'contains' operator (example: sCriteria = "[Subject] CONTAINS '00000334'" ) or using a (VB??) function in the filter? (Example : sCriteria… »
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« Hallo! I have a problem with Windev 7.5 US-204k. When i recieve a email with my Windev-made program it only reads about 50 characters from the subject. Finally, i sometimes see onl… »
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« Hi: We had date formats specified as multilingual, using xx/xx/xxxx for English speaking countries and xx.xx.xxxx for some others. With the new version 204ou, as long as one does n… »
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« When im trying to make file new the apllication close and i got this error message WINDEV7 caused an invalid page fault in module KRNL386.EXE at 0002:00005c83. Registers: EAX=4edf0… »
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« We are glad to inform you that WinDev 7.5 US Version is now available with full package (package + CD-ROM + printed manuals.… »
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« Hi All WD7.5 204ou (AKA sp1) If I read the help correctly I was expecting the necessary data files to be created - sadly this is not the case I have tried all combinations, autom… »
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« Hello all, I just installed the latest English patch from windev.com. I was hoping this would convert the remaining French to English. Unfortunately, however, there are still a fe… »
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« Hi all I'm still seeing a problem with column names with spaces from Microsoft SQL sources. Seems to be a problem in calculations. For example, with Northwind I can't seem to get[… »
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