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« WinDev 7.5 dynamically binds a method call to the method in the most derived class of in which the method can be found. That is, the actual class of an object, not the stored class… »
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« Object Binding Object reference variables, (defined using the keyword "dynamic"), in WinDev 7.5 have an object class bound to them at runtime (with one exception). That is, the cl… »
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« Hello, just tried to install the new version on my win98 pc. Installation so far had no problem, but starting windev after rebooting wasn't successful. Just saw the splash screen,… »
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« Is it possible to read out the identifier of an element in a treeview without making the selection on its path. This because there are more elements with the same path Regards, … »
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« Hurray for 7.5 english being shipped. I have had the early jump on conversions to 7.5 as I have been obliged to sit at my sister company and upgrade a 5.5 application en francais. … »
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« Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Developer, The CD-ROM containing the version 204k has been sent (today) by post to all registered users (May 5, 2003). We thank you for your patience. … »
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« Dear WinDev Developer, This message is intended to give some information about WinDev 7.5 US Version. WinDev 7.5 version 204k is now available and is currently going through the … »
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« get French version WINDEV I can change font(police) in style but i didn't found to change font script ( in example Western,East Europe) - data display correctly ( in a form) but no… »
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« Hello, I have a Stored Procedure defined like below. Is it possible to call (with SQLExec) such a SP AND return output parameters to WinDev? Best regards Raimund Schuldhaus CRE… »
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« This message concerns the use of ShellExecute() with an Excel document. ShellExecute("c:\my documents\file.xls") may generate error messages if Excel is not already open. In this… »
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