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« I have not yet received the CD and the books in English. Am I alone or there is somebody else waiting? filippo… »
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« Hi, I want to know how to make a search in many projects. I know in one project but if I have many projects, I don't know. thanks… »
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« If you want to link a file to a edit-control you must give the name of the item and then you can make a automatic link and the field attributs change automatic ( legth , numeeric/s… »
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« Hello, On a report, I have an image control to allow for a company logo. The way I made the report is that it checks for file "CompanyLogo.jpg" in the program directory. If present… »
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« Hi everyone, I need to import data from an MS Access database into a Windev application. I have a matching table in Windev and I looking for a way to get the data from the Access t… »
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« I have a cMessage class that registers a windowmessage in its constructor and a method to send the message to all active windows. 2 global object vars msgCustomer en msgDocument th… »
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« Hi, Is there a way to pass different variables of type STRUCTURE to a procedure and then access them in a generic manner? Eg. strucTest1 is structure nTest1 is int sTest2 is string… »
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« Hi A couple of issues regarding the caption of Edit Controls On my form in create mode I highlight mandatory fields by using code as provided on this NG Description..Text= gPen(iLi… »
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« Where is the best place to store the usernames? thnx! Mike… »
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« Who can give me an small example (or just the code) of how to make emails in a windev-75 program. I don't understan the windev-help. Regards… »
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